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- Established 1884 -

Save Hooper's Winery


Summer Creek Estate, was first established by Sir Edward Keane in 1884

Most of Keane's history surrounds his activities in parliament after the 1890's.

And his home at Freshwater Bay Yacht Club in Peppermint Grove adjoining the Swan River, now known as Keane's Point.

Few people are aware that he first settled in Mt Baker, on the land he names the Mt Baker estate.


Edward Vivian Harvey Keane Borne in 1844   -1904)


Was an entrepreneurial engineer, farmer, financer, and politician who became a major figure at the end of the colonial era.

was Lord mayor of Perth


  • Built the town hall in Freemantle in 1887


  • Worked on the Victoria Reservoir water catchment scheme in 1889 with Neil McNeil to supply the Perth colony with its first permanent water supply, which stood for almost 100 years before being replaced with the current dam.


  • Keane was also one of the first to settle in the subdivided Peppermint Grove Estate on the western side of Freshwater Bay on the Swan River. Named Bulter’s Hump after his home town in Ireland, but was renamed Keane’s Point. His wife occupied that home until her death in 1934



  • He was the legislative council of Geraldton up to 1891 when he went on to be elected for several roles in Perth government including legislative council for eastern province in 1904.


  • 1881 tender by Keane & White to construct the second stage of the Eastern Railway (from Guildford to Mt Helena) was unsuccessful, but Kean took a position with the successful tenderer J.W. Wright & Co

  • Moved to Western Australia with his family in early 1882

  • After Wright ran in to problems navigating the hills, Keane took over the stage 2 project and

  • Was remunerated through several land grants including Mt Baker (now Bakers Hill)

as part payment for railway construction.


  • From there he went on to build a substantial rail network around W.A being responsible for the lines out to Northam, York Toodyay, Bussldton and Geraldton.Constructing about 800km of trail.

  • He and became bankrupt in 1897 and fortified the property at Bakers Hill as part of his settlement

  • The property was eventually taken up by Richard Hooper in 1911

  • In 1987 Purchased by My Parents Rupert and Annette Poulton

  • Who worked to restore the winery and surrounding buildings and maintain the property.

  • They went to the Northam shire with a plan who then Ordered a demolition order in 2003

  • The Hooper's Winery property was permanently listed on the register of heritage places.



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